About Beach Bubbles Brand

Beach Bubbles brand from Nina Squires, who is sharing her information and passion about her hand made soaps:  "All my soaps and creams are hypoallergenic, detergent free, natural".

Nina's soaps come in a variety of scents that include; tropical mango, coconut key lime, cayman breeze, tropical blend, My sweet Nicole and vanilla cayman style.

I can do custom orders for weddings parties business conventions, home and condo rentals."

Nina & Neem - "If you didn't know who was making it, now you do, Beach Bubbles Nina's Natural Neem Soap and Cream!"

Nina has heard from hundreds of people with all kinds of skin problems acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungus, heat rash, sunburn, cancerous moles, dry skin etc how her products affected their problem.