Beach Bubbles Story - A Truly-Cayman Brand

Beach Bubbles' wonderful story of Nina Squires passion for 100% Natural Cayman Soaps, Creams and Lotions formulas started over a decade ago in her boutique gift shop on the Grand Cayman Island.

Since then, she developed several custom natural body care products which now she brings to the market of her brand's loyal customers all over the world.

Nina believes that her quality-oriented, 100% natural, products are a great fit for people looking for exceptional product experience and value. 

In most of her products, Nina uses a range of several key natural essential oils (EO) derived thru a natural process from following plants: neem, eucalyptus, macademia nut, and more.  Some products use quality fragrant oils (FO), which we identify under each product you purchase. Fragrant oils she uses smell just like the fruit they describe!

Nina's butters are creamy & moisturizing, made with goat milk, honey, shea butter and a range of beautiful tropical oils.



Beach Bubbles products are rated #1 on Grand Cayman's in the shopping category by many TRIP ADVISOR reviewers ! See what our customers are saying about the products: